Stan SX2 Trio/Quattro




Another winner from the Stanislawski engineers, this is Stan SuperX2 (SX2). The release comes packed with great technology:

Huge Trigger Travel and Tension Adjustment Window

More adjustment than any other and you NEVER have to change a spring!

Multiple Sizes

Medium or large sizes, two, three or four fingers, deep handle sweep.

silkpathTM micro adjustable sears

silkpathTM sears were introduced in 2008 in our popular SX2 release. Made of enhanced 440C stainless steel then hardened to 60 Rockwell and finished with our proprietary polishing process, these sears provide years of service. The silkpath searing system uses a unique fitting method to provide extreme repeatability. That, combined with user adjustability produces a no-travel feel to your shot and a wide range of trigger pull adjustments… without changing any springs!

ErgoFitTM Cross Training Technology

ErgoFitTM Technology is the gateway to cross training. Anatomically precise finger holds with declining body thickness result in a fit and feel similarity across our entire line while leaving just enough changes to keep you from anticipating the shot.

Feeling the jitters, put the SX2 down and pick up a BlackJack. Are gusty winds interfering with your use of a hinge? Put it in your pouch and pull out a trigger or better still an all new Element! The fit and feel provide you with a familiarity that won’t take you out of your groove, yet the different mechanisms are sure to give you a level of control never before possible.

MPT2 Knob

The Multi Positional Thumb knob was introduced in 2007 . What’s special about this is the infinite number of positions that the knob can be positioned making it possible to tune the knob to fit ANY position you desire. Tilt, projection, and angle are all adjustable.

Available models: Trio Medium, Trio Large, Quattro Medium, Quattro Large