Saga Vintage



  • Alates €645
  • Tõmbepikkus: 25#-60#
  • Vibu pikkus: 65″
  • Hind sisaldab 22% KM


The Saga is finally here

With the Saga we complete the Falco 2018 collection of hybrid longbows. And what a finish this is! Saga is our answer to the call of top competitive archers for a longbow that beats everything else close to its price range in terms of beauty, performance and materials. With this model, we have gone heavier (Rockheart addition included in the price), faster (this is the highest performance Falco longbow), more stable (the bow is built on 42mm limbs and a new limb profile, providing extra stability), more comfortable (the 65″ length provides a super-smooth draw cycle) and higher value (made only of the best materials and craftsmanship) than any other model in this range.

As all Falco longbows, the Saga is hand-made in our workshop in Estonia to every last detail. And details is where the attention has really gone on this model. We pay particular attention to rounding all corners, making aesthetically pleasing tips, finishing each bow with impeccable lacquer quality, all the while keeping the bow profile sleek – as is known for all Falco longbows. The Saga features our signature high wrist pistol grip, which is specifically designed to support the archer in a relaxed bow hand, which is the groundwork for an excellent archery form.

Saga bows come with all the best materials included in the price. The riser is built in combination of the heaviest and most exclusive exotic hardwood that we use: cocobolo & the pitch black super-heavy Rockheart material. The limbs include diamond carbon, regular carbon and a bamboo core. Furthermore, upon request, we can complement the riser free of charge with decorative cocobolo overlays on the inside of the bow (see the photos attached). In our opinion, these really make the design come together.

As the Saga already comes with practically all the goodies included, optional extras include just:

High gloss polished surface 40 €

FAQ about this model

  • What is the recommended brace height for this model?
    We suggest brace height 7.5″ – 8.0″ but feel free to test around as long as your arrows fly nicely
  • Is string included? What sort of a string?
    Yes, the model comes with a Spectra Flemish string. The number of string strands depends on the weight of the bow (14, 16 or 18)
  • Is this model IFAA/NFAA legal in ‘longbow’ division?
  • Is this model WA legal in ‘longbow’ division?
    Yes. This is intended as a top competition bow for WA longbow.
  • What arrows would you recommend for this bow?
    Although all main types of arrows (wooden, aluminum, carbon) could be used with this bow, the authentic choice would be to use wooden arrows. For optimum performance and highest quality, we suggest our hand-picked Premium model arrows which are the choice for many European and World Champions and medalists. The choice of wooden arrows depends on your bowand your own personal characteristics (write in case of questions).


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