Vibukäepide Hoyt GMX3




Hind:  €949 (25″) või €959 (27″)

Hind sisaldab 22% KM


The GMX 3 Series won a World Championship title in its first trip to a tournament field. Germany’s Michelle Kroppen took the GMX 3 Series to the top of the podium at the 2023 World Archery Championship. Featuring the same grip-to-limb pivot positioning of the Formula XD used by Mete Gazoz to win the World Championship, the GMX 3 Series gives the archer a geometry that promotes optimal tuning and grip engagement, harmonizing the archer to the bow. GMX 3 Series was born a champion, straight out of the box.

Pikkus: 25″ või 27″

Kaal: 1.33kg