Medals from WA European 3D Champs - Falco vibuvarustus

Medals from WA European 3D Champs

Brilliant news from WA European 3D Championships (Mokrice, Slovenia). For Falco, this was the most successful WA title competition of all time, with our archers taking home a whole medal set and more. Namely, in a tight final, Danilo Fornasier (ITA) won the gold medal in men’s longbow over Serge Corvino (FRA). Both men use custom-made Falco Premium Vintage arrows as does the bronze medal winner Giuliano Faletti. So full medal set to Falco in men’s longbow. Furthermore, Faletti also won gold with the Italian men’s team! In women’s competition, a many-time medalist Giulia Barbaro (ITA) took home bronze in the longbow division, shooting her signature style Falco Premium arrows (see photo). Congratulations to the medal winners and all Falco shooters at Mokrice, of whom there were really many this time!