First class results from Italy - Falco vibuvarustus

First class results from Italy

Last week we had the pleasure of announcing all time great results from the WA 3D EC. But even before that competition, in late August, Falco archers achieved excellent positions at the FIARC ITA Championships. Namely, using Falco Premium Vintage arrows, Giulia Barbaro won gold with a landslide (1248 vs 984 silver result) in F LB. Giuseppe Gioia took silver in Vet M LB and Carmen Berselli bronze in Vet F LB. Representing the new generation, Carlotta Maffiuletti took silver in Cub F LB with a Falco Robin longbow. We congratulate all medalists and send a big thank you to for years of hard work in keeping the Falco brand so strong on the Italian market! Thank you very much!