• From €250.00
  • Draw weight: 20#-60#
  • Bow length: 64″ 66″ 68″ 70 
  • Price with 22% VAT rate



The Spirit is an excellent choice for an archer on a budget, but still on the lookout for premium performance. Spirit shares the same profile and performance as Trophy Vintage, but in order to keep costs under control, it comes instead with black fiberglass limbs and a maple riser that is stained to the color of your choice (all colors available except white). Despite the budget price level, Falco makes no concessions in terms of performance or the craftsmanship on this hand-made longbow. The bow comes by default with a maple core, but optional (custom order) extras include both kinds of carbon and a bamboo core.

250 € for draw weights 25-40# ( 11,3- 18,1 kg)

260 € for draw weights 41-50# ( 18,6- 22,7 kg)

270 € for draw weights 51-60# ( 23,0- 27,0 kg)


Bamboo core 40 € (replaces the maple core)
Carbon reinforcement 30 €/layer
Diamond Carbon on front (extra high density carbon) 60 €
High wrist “pistol” grip 30 €
High gloss polished surface 40 €
Khan cut (for shooting off the thumb) 25 €

Special offer: buy this longbow and get the Falco felt longbow bag for a special price of 25€ (see here)

Profile: Reflex-deflex

Choice of color: different tones of stain such as teak, palisander, copper, walnut, wine-red, forest green, olive, orange, black, blue etc.

Handedness: RH or LH (price level is the same)

Bowstring: Spectra Flemish (Fast Flight) – included in th price

Arrow shelf: Natural fur


  • What is the recommended brace height for this model?
    We suggest starting to test arrow flight at around brace height 7.5″ but optimal arrow flight is what will determine the best brace height. On this bow, you are most likely to find optimal flight between 7″ – 8″, but may experiment also with longer (up to 8.5″)
  • Is string included? What sort of a string?
    Yes, the model comes with a Spectra Flemish string. The number of string strands depends on the weight of the bow (14, 16 or 18)
  • Is this model IFAA/NFAA legal?
  • Is this model WA legal?
  • Can this model be cut past centre?
    This model can only be cut past centre if the bow is light in draw weight. The Trophy has a slim handle that is designed to comply with IFAA rules where cutting past centre is prohibited so it is done only upon special request and on bows below 40#. Price addition may apply. As default, the model comes with a rest cut almost to centre.
  • What arrows would you recommend for this bow?`
    Although all main types of arrows (wooden, aluminum, carbon) could be used with this bow, the authentic choice would be to use wooden arrows. For optimum performance and highest quality, we suggest our hand-picked Premium model arrows which are the choice for many European and World Champions and medalists. The choice of wooden arrows depends on your bow and your own personal characteristics (write email@falco.ee in case of questions).


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