PSE Xpedite NXT



  • IBO rating:360-352 fps
  • Axle-to-axle:33″
  • Draw weight:60#, 70#, 80#
  • Draw length:24.5″ – 30″
  • Letoff:80 – 90%


PSE has merged Xpedite speed with our acclaimed EVO NXT architecture to create the ultimate balance of power and comfort, the Xpedite NXT. With shooting speeds of up to 360 fps, the Xpedite NXT delivers an insanely powerful shot while also providing a steadier hold, reduced vibration, and increased accuracy, thanks to the newly-designed longer riser with increased brace height and a lower stabilizer mount location.

Additionally, PSE’s ComfortGrip System gives you the option of holding our traditional riser grip technology for lower torque or swapping it to a molded grip overlay for maximum comfort. The Xpedite NXT ships with our 90% high let-off module.