PSE Stinger MAX Ready-to-shoot



  • IBO rating:312-304
  • Axle-to-axle:30″
  • Draw weight:55#, 70#
  • Draw length:21.5″-30″
  • Letoff:80%


One of the all-time best-selling bows ever, the PSE STINGER™ MAX is a true American classic. The all-new SS cam delivers a smoother draw with 80% let-off.

Plus, an all-new S3DA™ STINGER MAX model is engineered with a hard limb stop, ready for use in all S3DA™ events.

Ready-to-shoot package includes:

  • Compound
  • Gemini sight
  • Whisker biscuit rest
  • Stabilizer
  • Hunter quiver
  • Mongoose peep sight
  • Nock loop