Carbon Express Atlatl Kit




Carbon Express has taken an ancient weapon and added some modern touches. The Carbon Express Atlatl Kit gives you a complete six-foot long carbon fiber hunting dart with composite throwing handle.

The Velcro® strips on the handle and shaft give you the modern convenience of stability and security when preparing your dart. A great feature for beginners! The dart assembles and disassembles easily from three segments. It is pre-fletched with three 8-½” turkey feathers, and comes with a standard 11/32″ 125 grain screw-in field point installed, as well as a 150 grain brass insert for extra FOC (front of center) weight. You can easily install your own screw-in broadheads or points.

The two-foot long Atlatl handle follows the traditional design, but utilizes modern day composite materials for strength and durability.

The Atlatl uses leverage to propel the dart with greater velocity and accuracy than spears or other thrown weapons. It has been used for thousands of years for hunting and sport. The Carbon Express Atlatl Kit allows you to continue that ancient tradition in the modern day.

Comes with a three piece carbon fiber hunting dart (assembles into a six-foot long, 5.6 ounce dart), and composite Atlatl throwing handle.

Video about the product: VIDEO