Super-tight matches in Denmark - Falco vibuvarustus

Super-tight matches in Denmark

The action is certainly on in Denmark where the competition for a place in the Danish team for the coming European 3D Championships has been super-tight.

This weekend, the Danish Open was shot and we are especially proud to announce that Estonia’s own Margit Eero was able to lift the title over Sabina Holstein in a close final match. Both shooters use full Falco equipment (bow and arrows). We congratulate Margit for joining the tight group of female Falco archers competing for the top positions in Denmark (including also Tanja Skudstrup and Carin Eriksson).

In the men’s competition, another Falco shooter Martin Jørgensen was also able to lift the title, in an even closer race. We congratulate the Danish Open champion Martin Jørgensen!