Several medals to Falco in WFAC - Falco vibuvarustus

Several medals to Falco in WFAC

Great news for Falco from IFAA Field Archery World Championships, held in Dahn, Germany last week.

The Finn Jarkko Lehtinen (57) won the World Championships in adult male longbow in IFAA WFAC today with a convincing lead and a great result of 1727, beating 2004 world champion Steve Morley and 2008 champion Ülar Teppo amongst other 41 shooters. Jarkko shoots a Falco Trophy Carbon bow, more info on that is coming soon.

Inge-Sirkel Suviste (EST) won the silver medal in adult female longbow class also shooting a Falco Spirit.

Anneli Lehtinen (FIN), who was competing this time in veteran female longbow class and shooting with Falco Trophy Carbon bow and Premium Vintage arrows, achieved world champion title beating 3 world records.

Andris Melecis (LAT) finished 3rd in veteran male longbow class.

Yet another world champion came in junior longbow class where Carl-Robert Taimla (EST) won his first WC title with his Falco Trophy.

This is the best World championships ever for Falco, winning the most prestigious medal in longbows and getting the silver in the women’s longbow.