Falco new hunting/horsebow Storm out! - Falco vibuvarustus

Falco new hunting/horsebow Storm out!

Falco is proud to present its newest model – a short hunting/horsebow Storm. The Storm comes in 54″ and 51″ which can be shot at either maximum 29″ and 26″ draw length making this the perfect hunting bow for the bush and a great horsebow. While being short, the draw length can easily be made 50-60 # adding even more value to the model.

The first commercialized Storm was sent to our long time customer Marko Suhonen who put it to test on video available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4o4nS9prPJ8 (3 parts). His bow is 59# and 54″ long and shot over 200 fps, which is astonishing for a longbow.

The Storm costs below 200 € and is currently only custom made hence not available in our catalogue. Contact us directly for an offer on the Storm.