Greyarcher1 quiver

Greyarcher1 quiver
Greyarcher1 quiver

Greyarcher1 (Youtube) and Falco are proud to present the authentic Greyarcher1 accessories, designed by MK (Greyarcher1) and produced by the famous Lithuanian leathersmiths (made in EU). 

This quiver features a unique indian style design with long leather fringes and a leather strap that can be extended to make the quiver a back quiver, or shortened to turn it into a hip quiver. The quiver is made of thick multi-layered leather and it is very durable. The soft leather structure is stiffened by a wooden shaft on one end of the quiver, so it keeps its shape nicely.

Price: 109€ 

This item is also available as part of a set of five items (see Greyarcher1 accessory set). Each item is also sold separately:

  • an indian style quiver
  • a shoulderbag with leather fringes 
  • an armguard with horn buttons and leather fringes 
  • a leather-covered metal bow hook that can be bent to fit your bow perfectly 
  • a palm tab with wrist holder