Falco longbow bag by Must Mood now available

Falco is proud to present our new longbow bag - a piece of art designed for us by the young Estonian high fashion designers at Must Mood



The bag is made of thick felt that provides a great layer of protection to your beloved bow. On both sides, the felt is complemented by a leather stripe which runs the full length of the bag and at one fend features a belt-buckle closing to keep the bow securely inside the bag. 


The bag comes in two lengths:

* shorter - for total bow length (tip to tip) of up to 69"

* longer - for total bow length (tip to tip) of up to 71.25"



This product boldly builds a bridge between contemporary fashion and longbow archery. Be a part of it ... get one now!


Price: 30€

Special offer: with any Falco longbow purchase, get the bag for 25€