History - Falco vibuvarustus



– On the first of July 1987 in the test lab of Visu ski factory we glue togeter our very first olympic bow limbs. The idea for Estonian-manufactured olympic bows originates from the grand old man of Estonian archery Aksel Randmer.


– On the 22nd January Pärnu Executive Committe registres sports equipment manufacturing co-operative Falco – this as one of the very first private enterprises in Pärnu. This is a date we consider to be the birthday of Falco.


– In Denmark at the World Masters Games Eve Suits wins the first place with a  Falco bow lastes shooting in  FITA-1 the score of  1189 points.

– We manage to make our first test- export of bows to Finland.

– We regularly sell olympic bow limbs to the other member-states of the Soviet Union – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan etc.


– In February we start testing our first crossbow prods which are soon manufactured on a regular basis.


– In September we send our first set of olympic bow limbs Falco FB-100 to the Finnish company ES Archery OY (SHerwood Shop). The transaction takes place according to the standards of the time meaning through the Estimpex agency.

– With Falco initiative the first field archery unofficial Estonian Championships in Estonia take place on the Tammiste archery stadium in Pärnu.


– Ain Järvesaar wins the junior bronze medal in sporting crossbow European Championships in Lilleshall, ENgland and shoots the World record of 294 p from the 35 m distance.


– Estonian junior team wins the team bronze in sporting crossbow shooting from the World Championships in Wiesbaden, Germany.


– We sign a deal with the Russian Federation of Crossbow Shooting to supply the Russian national team with crossbow prods.

– Estonian junior team ( A.Järvesaar, K.Pärnoja, A.Lõhmus)  wins the European Championships in crossbow shooting in Portugal. Kaido Pärnoja wins the individual bronze.


– Kaido Pärnoja wins the junior World Championships in sporting crossbow shooting in Hungary.

– Over 30% of the participants at the World Championships use Falco-made crossbow prods.


– In Tartu Emajõe Suveteater (a local theatre) plays the Robin Hood play for which they ordered Falco our first longbows. This fact proved to change the whole field of archery in Estonia.


– The Finn Tapani Säila wins the IFAA Field Archery European Championships in Adults with a Falco Legend longbow. During that competition Tapani also shot the World record at the animal round 478 points which will stay for the next 7 years to be beaten by yet another Falco-shooter Wäinö Räiskilä in 2006.


– For the first time Falco is represented at the biggest trade fair in archery the ATA Trade Show in Nashville, USA. The result is gaining Estonian dealer rights for many international archery companies.


– Field Archery Association of Estonia is created and the Estonian team participates at the EFAC for the first time. Falco bows win 6 medals for Estonian longbow shooters among which Madis Talmar also shot the World record at the field round at junior longbows.

– We produce our first Falco Trophy bows.


– We participate for the first time together with Sherwood Shop OY at the hunting, fishing and recreational activity fair Erämessut 2004 in Riihimäki, Finland.

– In Planneralm, Austria Kirsti Aarniste wins the EBHC in junior female longbows shooting a Falco Trophy bow.

– in Watkins Glen, USA, Helena Eesmets becomes the World Champion at junior female longbows and also shoots the World record at every possible format. She also shoots a Falco Trophy bow.

– In August, during the Suverull event Falco organizes the first 3-D archery competitions in Estonia taking place in Otepää.


– In January at the ATA Trade Show in Indianapolis, USA we present our collection for the first time in the USA and find us a dealer in Louisiana called Bowie Outfitters. First orders are made and processed leading Falco bows to enter the USA market.

– The first IFAA title competition on the Estonian soil EFAC2005 in Jõulumäe, Estonia is a great success. In adult longbows, Falco wins three medals: Heikki Kotiranta (silver) and Margus Haaring (bronze) in males and Margrit Kärp (silver) in females. Mats-Joonas Kulla and Helena Eesmets become the junior European Champions and Falco wins 12 of the total 16 longbow medals making this a triumph for Falco. We are also one of the sponsors of the event.


– In June, in Hervey Bay, Australia, Mats-Joonas Kulla becomes the World Champion in junior longbow shooting and Anu Uusmaa wins the silver medal in female longbows. Both shoot a Falco bow.

– In August at the EFAC 2006 in Siuntio, Finland, the animal round World record of Tapani Säilä is beaten by Wäinö Räiskilä. The new numbers were 480 points and they were yet again shot with a Falco bow – this time a Trophy.

– In September Falco hosts one of the most famed archery coaches, writers and experts of the contemporary age Dave Holt from the USA. Dave is an acting contributor of the Bowhunter magazine and also the author of one of the best bowhunting books ever written “Balanced Bowhunting” and its second part as well.


– Falco presents its newest models the universal longbow Falco Twin and the recurve Falco Wild.

– At the EFAC2007 in Gothenburg, Sweden Ülar Teppo wins the European Champion title with Falco custom made Falco Premium Vintage wooden arrows.


– We supply the first sets of Falco Triumph bows to the Dutch J.V.D. Distribution who are the official dealers of the Triumph model.

– In April at the Namibian WFAC Ülar Teppo wins his first World Champion title shooting with Falco Premium Vintage wooden arrows.

– In October at the first EMAU 3D European Championships Björn Kallhult wins the mens longbow class. Björn, who is also the Falco dealer in Sweden, uses Falco Premium Vintage wooden arrows.