Copper John Gravedancer (Bull's Eye)

Copper John Gravedancer (Bull's Eye)
Copper John Gravedancer (Bull's Eye)

The Gravedancer is a wonderful sight for both starters as well as experienced archers. The sight comes with 5x 0.019 pins with a precision CNC machined body that includes these features:

  • Bubble level for increased accuracy!
  • Pins line up on the same line and plane so pins always line up WITHOUT special adjustments!
  • Patented bright orange pin guard highlight for rapid peep alignment.
  • Speed Gap Technology - zero pin gap leaving room to spare on even the fastest bows!
  • EasyGlide Technology - force spreading pin and washer design eliminates material deformation resulting from over tightening the pins!
  • Shocktek - Most of Copper John's decals including the bright orange perimeter highlight is coated with vibration absorbing polyurethane for awesome vibration dampening performance!
  • Extra long, ultra protected fibers for super bright aiming points!
  • Ambidextrous for RH/LH shooters
Falco recommends this sight for its great price/quality ratio.
Comes in black.
Price: 49,95 €